Welcome to the Irvington Wellness Center

Irvington Wellness Center is a delightful place to be for many reasons. It is the only place in the world where you will be greeted with the warm and whimsical, lovely and lyrical voice of Maeve Laverty. Maeve hails from Dundalk, Ireland and her brouge accent and pleasing ways will set your heart spinning from the get-go.

Our guiding quote is “Yesterday, I was clever and I wanted to change the world.
Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi-

We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to help you build more flexibility, more core strength, more mindfulness, more fun, more joy on your journey to become your most authentic self.

We offer yoga, tai chi, pilates, Soulful breathwork, Qigong classes and more. Laura Lea Sweney, our manual therapist is skilled in a variety of modalities including Zero Balancing, cranio-sacral therapy, visceral mobilization, lymph therapy, accupressure and also gives a Fabulous Massage. Zero Balancing is a leading-edge mind-body modality. The work is done in the deepest layer of the body- the bones. The rejuvenating effects of a Zero Balancing session leaves you feeling like your mind and body have been rebooted.

We are located in downtown Irvington, an active, vibrant community – home to Jockamo’s PizzaIndy Cycle Specialists, Dufours, The Legend, and Snips. Bundle up a couple activities and spend the day or afternoon in Irvington.You can have a massage, then a bite of lunch at Legend, Jockamo’s Pizza, or Dufour’s. Shop for a bike at Indy Cycle Specialist after a yoga or Pilates class.


What our clients are saying:

  • Zero Balancing has changed my life. When I first started going to Laura the pain in my feet was unbearable. Through Laura’s training and dedication to her craft, I am now able to run pain free. I have referred many friends and family and they also have had incredible results. I often say, we don’t know how to describe what Laura does, we just know it works!

    -Dixie Atwood